Vis-a-thon 2021

Ninigret Pond Plume Map


Janelle Kmetz Undergraduate, University of Rhode Island

COLLABORATOR Skylar Perez MArch Candidate, Rhode Island School of Design, Architecture


Rafael Attias

This project analyses the ecology of the unseen nutrient-rich pathways that collect, disperse and network beneath our feet. As channels of water filter through the nutrient-rich levels of soil, they collect and transfer that energy along the bedrock and disperse it in large bodies of water, where it will be used to cultivate new life. This ecological exchange of energy is the phenomenon that Ninigret Pond Plume tries to describe and represent while bringing earthly perspective to the unseen relationships that happen beyond the scale of the human.

Janelle and Skylar worked together to visualize and understand the ecology of the Ninigret Pond Plume in a larger context, bringing in connected information to form a larger understanding of the significance that the plumes have on the scale of the Earth as well as the geologic attributed that curate the experience.

Final Map Work

“I am so grateful for the experience that Vis-a-thon brought to me! Being exposed and brought into the world of science and research has been an illuminating experience for me personally.”

Skylar Perez

Tools Used in the Project

ArcGIS Adobe Illustrator


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